Consortium Project "Advanced Robotics & Automation"

Why this project?

Research shows, that by 2030, robots and automation in general will replace one quarter of the entire working capacity by hours. Until 2055, this may even increase to 50 percent. Thus, especially for manufacturing industry this research field is of crucial importance.

This project will provide a structured and comprehensive overview on all robotics and automation solutions already available or under development. Solutions are aligned subsequently with your organization’s requirements in order to derive detailed business cases and individual implementation roadmaps in cooperation with experts.

Your benefits

  • Meet the growing need for individualization and the massive cost pressure of emerging markets by using new technologies such as collaborative and cognitive robots, automated guided vehicles and self-optimization
  • Gain an understanding of where and how you can profitably integrate these technologies into your process chain
  • Learn how to improve quality and flexibility of your processes while maintaining competitive manufacturing cost and times
  • Get access to a large interdisciplinary and cross-industry network of partners and experts


  • Structured and comprehensive overview of trends and applications in advanced robotics and automation
  • Technological feasibility studies and implementation roadmap for selected applications
  • Proven business cases or joint development demonstrators for selected applications

Structure and framework conditions

  • Joint project with our partner KEX Knowledge Exchange AG
  • Time period: Q3 2019 – Q2 2020
  • Costs: €29,000