Technology management

Well thought-out technology management is a significant success factor for technology-oriented companies. Those who develop and deploy their technologies in a customer-oriented manner, and who question and replace them with more efficient ones over the course of their service life, can successfully expand and maintain their competitive position.

During all phases of this transformation, the functions of technology management and the methods they contain support you on your way to a sustainable future-proof company. Fraunhofer IPT advises you on all questions of technology management: from the conception to the content design of your strategies, processes and methods.

Functions of technology management

Orientation and interpretation

In order to recognize opportunities and risks at an early stage, you identify signals in the environment, observe and evaluate them. Early technology detection thus creates a reliable information base.

Synthesis and positioning

Within the framework of the technology and innovation strategy, you bring together the results of your analyses in a targeted manner and determine which technologies and services you want to use to build up and expand competitive advantages in the future.

Planning and organization

As part of technology planning, you decide which innovation and development projects are to be used to achieve the strategy that has been drawn up and the goals that have been defined in it. In connection with this decision, you determine which technologies and innovations are needed at which times and how they must be organized and coordinated.

Implementation and realization

By (further) developing your technologies or acquiring new ones, you build up strategically relevant competencies. In the process, considerations of technology utilization help you to make the best possible use of the potential of the technologies once developed in the form of additional products or services for your customers.

Green Growth – a paradigm shift in technology management

Globalization and digitalization still presuppose an economic, growth-oriented view of companies today. Climate change, however, requires a rethink. The concept of “Green Growth" offers an alternative to the previous business logic: It assumes that it is possible to decouple "green" economic growth from ecological resource consumption through technological innovations. By effectively and efficiently building up technological and organizational capabilities within the framework of targeted technology management, companies not only gain competitiveness, but also make a significant contribution to long-term sustainability.

In the area of conflict between economic and ecological sustainability and the use of technology, four skills determine the success of a company:

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Further education

In addition to the events mentioned here, Fraunhofer IPT offers individual training courses on various technology management topics – for example, linear performance pricing. Feel free to contact us!

Cross Industry Groups

The cooperation in Cross Industry Groups has proven itself to a special degree. Through communication between the participants and the processing of a specific topic, expert knowledge is to be generated and compiled in the working group.



The participants of the certificate course "Chief Technology Manager" (CTM) are enabled to implement successful approaches of technology and innovation management in their own company.


The focus of these events is on practice-oriented lectures based on findings from Fraunhofer IPT's many years of consulting experience, combined with work units in small groups to deepen the content using a practical example.