Sustainability in production

Are you ready for the future? Production must change.

Time is running out. Technological innovations are vital if the climate and sustainability targets that have been agreed worldwide are to be anywhere even close to being achieved in the coming years. But how can the growing demands of soon more than eight billion people be reconciled with the urgent need for lower emissions, energy and material consumption?

Technological progress must not get bogged down in the basics of research here, but must develop into practical applications. After all, it is only through efficient and at the same time ecological series production that new, more sustainable products and goods - and thus a compatible level of long-term wealth - will become affordable for everyone.

The Fraunhofer IPT is working with scientific methods to make the true ecological costs of production measurable. Together with our partners from research and industry, we use this knowledge to develop new environmentally and climate-friendly manufacturing processes and products.

Which paths do you want to take?

Let us take you on the road to the resource-efficient, ecologically sustainable and climate-friendly production of the future.


Strategically creating sustainable value

For sustainable value creation, we look at the entire product life cycle from design to manufacturing and logistics to recycling. Using meaningful key figures, we evaluate the actual costs of your production. This knowledge not only creates transparency and resilience, but also generally improves your competitiveness.


Producing resource-efficiently

Resource efficiency in manufacturing processes and process chains is our goal: We make the data of your production processes available for analysis and, on this basis, weigh up the use of alternative production technologies. In this way, material and energy consumption can be significantly reduced or harmful materials and additives can be replaced by more environmentally friendly ones.


Developing and manufacturing eco-friendly products

Products are considered sustainable if they can be manufactured and repaired using fewer resources, are energy-saving or low-emission in use, and can be recovered or recycled at the end of their life. Let us find out together how you can contribute to this.

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Our publications on sustainability and resilience

In our studies, white papers and the proceedings of the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium, we have dealt intensively with topics such as sustainability and resilience. Here we make the results of our research work available to you in a condensed form and free of charge.

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