Making sure everything runs smoothly: Technologies, tools and metrology for better production processes

There is always room for improvement: more precise, more cost-effective, with less waste and higher throughput. At Fraunhofer IPT, we have the expertise to understand and improve not only individual processes, but higher-level process chains and entire production sequences. To do this, we combine technologies in new ways and use tools and individually adapted measurement technology that we develop specifically for your application or adapt from comparable uses to your machines and systems.

We forecast the effects of our measures using digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and evaluate success using new or proven measurement technology and sensor technology, which we use with 5G mobile technology networks, for example.

Starting points for process improvements

From a single module for existing production equipment, to improvements in machine control, to redesigning production processes and process combinations – our experts will take a thorough look at your production and work with you to select solutions that will raise your performance to a new level.


Optimization through digitization

To ensure that digitization in production is not an end in itself, we contribute our expertise to all links in the value chain.

Machine tool optimization

We compensate for component defects and shape deviations through thorough measurement and calibration and with the aid of new process models and simulations.

Metrology for process monitoring

Production-integrated measurement systems and intelligent measurement and control strategies accelerate the response to process deviations.


Optimization through laser integration

A whole range of production processes can be made more efficient through the use of lasers: We integrate laser modules into your machines and systems and further develop the processes.