All of our publications in the year 2022 are detailed here. The list includes articles which have appeared in journals, books and contributions to anthologies, patents and conference papers as well as theses and university publications.

Some of the publications can be accessed immediately in their unabridged form. Please contact our specialist information service if you have any questions regarding texts not on release to the general public.

All other Fraunhofer publications can be accessed via a database search using the file search mask "Fraunhofer-Publica".

Publications 2022

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Open Access

The principal

Outstanding research and the realization of innovations in industry and everyday life are the foundation of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s work. In order to promote innovation, it is required that research findings are shared as directly as possible. When publishing the results of its research, Fraunhofer therefore unreservedly pursues the principle of open access.

Open access implies granting free and long-term access to scientific findings and literature. A distinction is made between the gold road to open access (research papers are first published in recognized, peer-reviewed open access journals) and the green road to open access (papers are archived free of charge in a repository either at the same time as or subsequently to their initial publication in one of the traditional media). The common feature of both roads to open access is that texts and objects can be freely accessed in digital format.

The goal

The goal for 2020 is to ensure that at least one half of all scientific papers issued in a year are published Open Access, with at least one third of these via the gold road where papers are first published in an Open Access journal.

Our Open Access Publications

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