Automotive industry

Automotive Future: Shaping the future of mobility

The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation - away from the internal combustion engine and towards electrified, digitized and automated mobility. Catalysts for these trends are global developments such as urbanization, scarcity of resources and the energy transition.

While owning a vehicle was hardly a topic of discussion in society until just a few years ago, holistic and ecologically sustainable mobility concepts can no longer be ignored today: More and more customers want flexible, locally emission-free mobility and smooth networking with mobile devices.

There are great opportunities for players along the value chain in this context, but in many cases they require new technologies and organizational approaches as early as the production stage.

We help you discover, evaluate and seize these opportunities - and successfully shape your own contribution to the mobility revolution.


A free ride:
Our offer for the automotive industry and its partners

The mobility revolution demands a lot from companies in the automotive sector. We support automakers and suppliers in implementing new mobility concepts and technologies so that they can continue to advance rapidly in the future.


Strategies for the
mobility turnaround

Companies in the automotive industry need to be proactive and take action to successfully meet the industry's transformation. Learn about four measures that will support you on your way into the future.


Efficient electric drive systems

Electrically driven mobility requires cost-effective and reliable energy sources. Batteries and fuel cells are two crucial technologies in tomorrow's mobility. We create solutions for large-scaled production.


Save energy through lightweight construction

Achieving sustainability targets is our goal - with production technologies for chassis, body and exterior that are suitable for series production. We optimize the use of materials with composite materials and metallic lightweight components.


Driver assistance
systems and sensor technology

Behind many assistance functions in automobiles lies complex sensor technology for greater safety and driving comfort.


Vehicle lighting

In the production of indoor and outdoor lighting, we support our customers in all individual steps: from the feasibility study to the prototype to the implementation of the entire optical process chain.


Toolmaking for the automotive industry

Toolmaking is also the starting point for production in the automotive industry. Companies, suppliers and customers in the industry will find a wide range of strategic, organizational and technological offerings from us to successfully meet the current challenges of the automotive industry.