Optics and electronics

Enabler for new technologies and products

We are only at the beginning of our possibilities, but it is already clear today that photonics and optics are indispensable for the development of new technologies that drive digitization in business and society. They are thus the door openers for the capabilities we need to fundamentally address the enormous global societal and ecological challenges of our time.

The combination of optical and electronic components further expands this scope: a multitude of superior and previously unimaginable products for companies and end consumers are just in their infancy, waiting to be further developed.

Optics and electronics production precedes the product

The Fraunhofer IPT looks back on decades of experience in the development and production of optical and electronic components and is a competent and reliable partner for companies and research institutions in the production of optical and electronic components, systems and products.

Let it shine:
Our offer for partners in the optics and electronics industry

For the optical and electronic industry, we have been working for many years on high-performance technologies for series production and also incorporate new digitalization concepts into our further developments for this purpose.


Interior and light design

We convert your lighting ideas into individual lighting concepts and accompany you during the technological implementation along the production chain.


Communications engineering

For infrared applications we develop systems for photonic data transmission and offer our customers individual manufacturing and assembly concepts.


Medical technology
and visual aids

In addition to manufacturing optical vision aids, we develop and research sensor and measurement technology for medical diagnostics.



Metrology and testing

We support you in the selection of suitable metrology and integrate it into your production. We also develop special metrology systems for individual measurement tasks. With the characterization of the materials, we can accurately predict the behavior during forming.


Laser systems and

For high-performance laser systems, we develop optics and lenses made of new materials and with improved geometries. Using precise assembly strategies, we fit these into the overall system.


Safety and security

We develop production concepts for infrared sensors for product and user authentication. We can manufacture product security features in large quantities using cost-effective micro- and nanostructures.


Mobility and

From attachment lenses for headlight modules to LiDAR and rain sensors or night vision cameras to head-up displays, we develop product and manufacturing concepts for the mobility of tomorrow.

Our namesake

Even the namesake of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Joseph von Fraunhofer, devoted his life to optics (production) in order to be able to look far beyond the horizon of the world of his time.

Current projects at a glance