Methods, tools and processes for informed decisions

Manufacturing companies are exposed to constant competitive pressure, which is intensified by ever shorter innovation cycles and growing customer requirements. It is therefore important for companies to decide how they want to develop their processes and structures so that they can continue to pursue the direction once it has been set as well as possible.

Once the fundamental goals have been set, companies design the concrete steps along the way as part of technology planning. They must answer the question of which technologies they want to use, where and at what point in time development projects are required, and how these must be organized. After all, the overriding task is to better meet customer demands in the future in order to increase sales and market share in this way.

Roadmapping as a visual representation of the development paths of products, services and technologies provides companies with a guide. With a clear roadmapping process, it is possible to systematically plan the future use of technology and coordinate it with the product roadmap. The roadmap creates cross-divisional transparency within the company and helps to synchronize technological activities.

Fraunhofer IPT supports you in analyzing and evaluating alternatives to existing product and production technologies, sets up the roadmapping process together with you and visualizes the results.

Plan and review regularly: Anchoring strategy processes in the company

You already know what goals you would like to achieve in the future and what a good way to get there might look like? To avoid being overwhelmed by the momentum of the process, it is helpful not only to plan individual measures, but also to continuously put your strategic alignment and the results thereof to the test. We show you how to anchor your strategy processes stably in the company with fixed functions and defined areas of responsibility.


Technology management in the company

We work with you to design a technology management system that precisely matches the framework conditions of your company.



Look closely and improve continuously

For error-free processes and products, we rely on digital evaluations and accompany your continuous improvement process.

Take a close look and continuously improve

For error-free processes and products, we rely on digital evaluations and support your continuous improvement.Verbesserungsprozess.


Certify and audit

The completion of continuous improvement processes is often crowned by an audit. We plan these processes with you and accompany the implementation of quality management.






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Organizational units and methods for flexible development

In order for innovations to grow and flourish, there are various helpful approaches that promote creativity and implementation – methodically, but also as fixed organizational units within or outside the company. Keeping an overview between all the different design options is a task we are happy to perform for you.


Visualize development paths

With a stringent roadmapping process, you systematically plan your future technology deployment. This creates transparency and enables you to better synchronize technological activities.

Technology platform

Technology platforms help to bundle competencies and further developments for individual technologies and make them available throughout the entire company. We support you in the implementation.

Technology knowledge management















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Project example: Technology assessment

For one project partner, we defined a systematic process for technology assessment and implemented it in a technology assessment tool.



Agile product development

With agile methods, you get to know your customers better, receive faster feedback and can thus react more flexibly to changes in the market.


Due Diligence

Our technological due diligence offers well-founded
basis for decisions on investments and takeovers by analyzing risks
and opportunity analysis.

Corporate Venture Units

We support you in establishing corporate venture units and technology centers to promote innovation and strengthen competitiveness.