Technologies for sustainable battery production

Strategies for sustainable value creation

We support mechanical and plant engineering companies in developing suitable technology strategies for the battery market: We analyze the status quo of your company and your strategic goals in the battery market. By defining criteria for a technology assessment that takes into account all key potentials and risks, we create a solid information base for the selection of battery technologies.

Our recommendations for operational planning and implementation help you to strengthen your competitive position. Together with you, we identify and evaluate innovations along the battery value chain and support you in the strategic alignment of your production in the market.

Our many years of experience in industrial projects and the latest findings from application-oriented research enable us to provide you with a tailor-made concept and the process for creating your technology strategy.

Scaling production with special machines

Whether it's battery cell production or re-manufacturing, we have the expertise across the entire battery cycle to support companies in scaling up new processes – from laboratory scale to series production.

We develop special machines and modules that solve the new production tasks – such as the mobile, automated dismantling of battery systems, laser drying of the electrode coating in lithium-ion batteries or electrode production for solid-state batteries.

We cover all the work steps required to start production as quickly as possible: the development of plant and production concepts, mechanical and electrical implementation and on-site commissioning.

Digital product file for intelligent quality management

We support companies with the introduction of quality management in battery production, including certification in accordance with ISO 9001. We work closely with you to develop suitable quality assurance concepts. In doing so, we focus on digitalization in production. For example, we use digital twins to ensure that battery production has seamless documentation. A traceability system uses the production data not only to predict important quality features, but also for further applications in the later life cycle in the form of a digital product file.

Successful implementation in industry

Machine development for the production of solid-state cells for the automotive sector



  • Development, assembly and commissioning of a special machine for the production of all-solid-state batteries (ASSB) for automotive applications
  • Production of ASSB cells on a small scale


  • Requirements analysis: cell boundary conditions, environmental boundary conditions, scenario definition, process definition, interface definition
  •  Roll-to-roll concept (R2R): Web guiding, tensioning unit, alignment unit, sensor units, process units, microenvironment
  • Concept for the control of the R2R machine
  • Mechanical definition of the R2R modules, electrical definition of the R2R modules
  • Design of the special machine, ordering of components and parts, assembly
  • Programming and implementation of the control system, digitalization of the relevant process parameters, graphical user interface
  • Start-up and commissioning, certification and initial process trials


  • Special machine for ASSB production commissioned and shipped
  • First process trials for ASSB cells


Automotive OEM, 2023

Technology study: Dry coating for cell production



  • Identification of different technologies for dry coating
  • Analysis of technology alternatives and recommendation of key technologies for further testing
  • Establishing contacts in industry and research
  • On-the-job training for one of the customer's employees involved in the project


  • Assessment of the initial situation including known and desired technologies, definition of the requirements for the technologies
  • Analysis of various dry coating technologies: key data, initial assessment, supplier screening
  • Selection of three technologies for the recommendation of the next steps


  • Description of 15 technologies in the four clusters "powder coating", "direct calendering", "extrusion" and "other"
  • Industry map: Manufacturers of dry coating systems and components


Cell manufacturer, 2022

Technology study: Future battery cell technologies – overview and analysis



  • Technology overview and characterization of future battery cells
  • Analysis of important future battery cell technologies
  • Estimation of required production processes, equipment and suppliers compared to current battery cell technologies


  • Overview of current and future battery cell technologies and their development status, taking into account the latest research results
  • Investigation of the advantages and disadvantages of battery cell technologies compared to the state of the art and identification of relevant players in research and industry
  • Detailed descriptions and technological concepts for selected battery cell technologies including technical parameters for desired applications
  • Analysis of the production processes for the cell technologies compared to current lithium-ion battery production processes including TRLs and MRLs


  • Broad overview of product technologies
  • Detailed profiles of future-relevant battery cell technologies


Automotive industry, 2021

Special machines and systems for battery production

We offer you the right production technologies for the entire battery value creation cycle: Together with our partners from industry and research, we develop special machines and production systems for the scalable production and re-manufacturing of conventional and new battery technologies.

Roll-to-roll electrode production

We develop high-performance roll-to-roll systems for calendering electrodes with functional surfaces.

Re-manufacturing of battery packs

We are developing flexible, mobile automation technology for the disassembly and reassembly of battery packs for the sustainable use of batteries up to the product's end-of-life.

Drying electrodes with the laser

We use high-performance diode lasers to dry electrode coatings for Li-ion batteries efficiently and in a climate-friendly way.

Digitalization of the battery cycle

The sustainability of battery technology itself can still be greatly improved. Because only when there is transparency about the value creation cycles will it become clear how much more climate and environmentally friendly the new technologies are compared to conventional ones and what costs you have to pay for them – or perhaps even make additional savings. Here, too, we rely on digital solutions: For life cycle assessment, quality optimization and suitable second-life applications of battery cells, we digitize the battery value cycle and thus obtain meaningful key figures for a realistic assessment of the sustainability and cost efficiency of your production.

Monitor cell status

We use integrated fiber sensors to determine the condition of battery cells in order to prevent premature ageing, extend their service life and carry out maintenance in good time.

Traceability system for quality prediction

We are developing a system for data tracking in the assembly and use of battery packs to facilitate quality prediction and reuse of batteries.

Digital twin of battery production

Digital twins can be used to trace the properties of battery cells in the production process, increase the efficiency of production facilities and reduce the use of resources.

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