Trying out what is possible – anticipating costs and benefits

Changes in mechanical engineering are usually accompanied by enormous investments: Companies are no longer just integrating new plants and the associated technical infrastructure; digital solutions are also increasingly being introduced, which bring with them their own, additional requirements. Software projects are usually planned and implemented on a longer-term basis, and integration requires the involvement of various specialist departments. To avoid bad investments, it is essential to plan projects and investments systematically and with the necessary foresight.

The experts at Fraunhofer IPT work out the project goals with your company, with a particular focus on cost, quality, and flexibility. Based on your existing production infrastructure, we work with you to develop a suitable and feasible production organization and combine it with a future-proof digital infrastructure. To do this, we compare your plans with best practices and trends and transfer the concept into a roadmap with an overview of the required resources and a schedule. In this way, we ensure that investments flow exclusively into profitable business areas and that feasibility is guaranteed.


Finding the right technology for everyone

To enable you to implement digitization projects, technologies and services in a targeted manner, we work with you to develop individual concepts and technology roadmaps.

Our technological expertise

We offer feasibility studies and technical investigations for all technologies in our portfolio. We would be happy to digitalize your production processes with you.