Modular and ready for use: special machines and systems for series production

From classic mechanical engineering to very special tasks: On behalf of our customers, we design and develop special machines and individual modules that can be used to solve production tasks for which there was no previous adequate solution. From sheet metal processing and the processing of fiber-reinforced plastics to precision machining, micro-assembly or roll-to-roll production and laboratory automation – our engineers plan and build systems and components with which you can scale up your production in the shortest possible time without neglecting the quality of the products.

With modular systems, individual modules and prototypes, we ensure that you can continue to improve your production systems in the future. In all our developments, we attach great importance to expandability, a variety of digital interfaces and the consideration of all important industry standards. This distinguishes our work from the contract developments of many ordinary engineering service providers and design offices.

By incorporating current research results into our work and testing them in practice together with you until your production is up and running, you will always have your finger on the pulse of your modules, machines and production systems and receive all development services completely from a single source, from the idea to the functional and fully documented prototype.

Specialists wanted? Coming soon to your machine shop

As a research institution in the stronghold for the training of mechanical engineering experts, we are naturally curious about what development task you approach us with. Feel free to look at the numerous examples of special machine development in our more than 40-year history as an institute and tell us what challenge you would like us to tackle next.


Roll-to-roll equipment and modules

The functionalization of plastic films from the roll has potential for an undreamt-of variety of products. Learn from us what is and will be technically possible.

Production lines for MNS masks

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, a partner needed manufacturing equipment for mouth-nose protection masks. Production started just a few weeks later.

Hybrid manufacturing and laser modules

We have been researching hybrid manufacturing processes with laser support since the foundation of our institute – benefit from our expertise!


Module kit for micro assembly

Flexibility is a requirement that we can meet with a modular design. To ensure that everything fits together, we develop complete modular kits right away.


Automation for
laboratory processes

Laboratory processes are error-prone and must be permanently documented. Automation can help improve the quality of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Equipment for vertical farming

Crop production is an important task for the future – and not easy to automate. We have developed automated plants.

Measuring systems for individual tasks

Exceptional components and systems require special quality testing. We develop individual measurement technology for special tasks.


Handling and conveyors

In order to move continuous webs of film, paper or fabrics, many parameters have to be considered and complied with. From the concept to the plant technology, we help with our expertise.


Customized robot platform

The individually configurable "MIRA" robotic cell is suitable for a wide variety of robot-assisted manufacturing processes - from automated polishing to laser machining.

Tape laying with the PrePro head

The multifunctional tape laying systems can be used to process thermoplastic FRP tapes and thermoset prepregs as well as spread and bonded dry fiber rovings.