Technology for your advantage

Technological strength distinguishes German companies – especially in production. Developing high-performance systems, resource-efficient methods and adaptive processes is the mission of Fraunhofer IPT. In collaboration with our customers, individual manufacturing solutions are created, often with the aim of cost-effective large-scale production of sophisticated and complex components and products.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with renowned industrial partners from a wide range of sectors, we have a broad portfolio of manufacturing technologies that we combine in efficient and effective process chains. Our goal is to always offer an optimal – in the literal sense of the word cost-effective – and practicable solution for our customers' requirements.

Manufacturing technologies at Fraunhofer IPT


Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes allow complex workpieces with filigree structures or cavities to be built up quickly and in a resource-saving manner. We develop additive processes and integrate them into your manufacturing systems.


Fiber composite technology

For the industrial use of fiber-reinforced plastics, we are developing systems for automated component manufacture and plants suitable for large-scale production.


Laser technologies

We use laser technologies in production in their complete diversity: for thermal support of conventional processes, for process control or with additive manufacturing also in hybrid process chains.



By integrating high-performance measurement technology and processes into your production plants, we improve the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing and provide the key to high quality in even the most complex production processes. 


Micro and precision assembly

For the automated assembly of miniaturized laser systems, cameras and optical sensors, we develop machine components, processes and prototypes of manufacturing systems.


Produce and process surfaces

We develop and optimize a large number of processes suitable for series production for the manufacture and modification of technical surfaces.



We develop component designs, replication and cutting tools, optimize machining processes and cycle times for forming and forming of optical glass, fiber composite or sheet metal components.


Machining and cutting

With our high-performance, networked machinery for precision and high-performance machining as well as the latest digitalisation technologies, we ensure the competitiveness of our customers and partners.