Our offer for strategic and technological development

As a manufacturing company, you know from where the wind blows. But who knows what potential still lies dormant in you? As a scientific research institution with a focus on applications that drive industry forward, Fraunhofer IPT have a bird's eye view of the best practices in many industries and product areas: our employees observe markets, develop models and individual strategies for the future in joint projects with our partners, analyze and evaluate processes and process chains on site on the store floor, and help with the holistic optimization of production.

We are currently paying particular attention to digitization in all those areas of production where companies can derive sustainable benefits from it and improve their value creation. We accompany you in the digital transformation and provide on-site support in the development of software, hardware and manufacturing networks. Our interdisciplinary teams of production, IT and industry experts combine many years of experience and systematic work with scientific curiosity and a high quality standard of methodology and practical implementation at our customers.

Paths to sustainable, resilient and digitalized production

As a manufacturing company, you have a special view of three of our most important cross-cutting issues: the goal of sustainability, the resilience of organizations, processes and process chains, and digitization, which can lead the way there. These three topics are far more than just buzzwords for us. We also evaluate all our developments and future visions from the perspective of how they can contribute to greater sustainability and resilience in your company. In doing so, we increasingly rely on the tools that digital technologies provide us with for this purpose. Join us on this path to a "greener" and more crisis-proof production!


Our focus: sustainability in production

Production is the enabler for making products sustainable – that's why we keep both in mind: ecological and economic criteria.

Resilient into the future

Resilience is the ability to weather the storms of the business world as unscathed as possible. We are researching what companies can do to ensure that yours always finds a safe haven in projects with our industry partners.

Digitization: enabler of green production

The benefits of digitization run through almost all value-adding processes. We use it as a toolbox for the green production of the future.

The company as a system – analyzing markets, developing strategies, implementing plans

Do you know exactly where you stand with your company in international competition and whether you are well equipped for the future? What products and services does the market demand? How can you efficiently develop new ideas and products with existing resources and implement them in a target group-oriented manner? We take a holistic view of your company in the context of markets, competitors and possible sparring part-ners and look forward to finding answers to these questions together with you.


Orientation through figures, data and facts

Finding out where you stand: In consortium or bilateral projects, we work with you to find out how you can improve your position in the market and on current trends.

Market positioning through new strategies

Our offer is aimed at strategic and technological decision-makers: We accompany you on the path from analysis to implementation in Industry 4.0. 

Anchor strategy in the organization

How should your structures and processes be designed in reality? We support you on site during the elaboration in your company and together with your employees.

Expertise on the shopfloor – companion for the digitization of your production

Do you want to improve your production, reduce costs and be faster on the market than the competition and with sustainable, new products? To ensure that you don't have to throw in the towel prematurely when introducing new technologies, it makes sense to involve expertise from a wide range of production disciplines. Day after day, we research and develop strategies, technologies and processes for our customers from a wide range of industries to make their production more efficient. With our scientific background, we are at the same time methodologically sound and can always find the right contacts for your individual processes or production facilities in our internal and external networks.


Technology qualification and evaluation

You love it when a plan works? Before you get down to work, we use feasibility studies to check whether your ideas are viable and evaluate the costs and benefits for your company.


Process development and prototypes

Try it out first? So that processes can go into series production, we develop and test what is to be created in your production and demonstrate the functionality of the processes on initial prototypes.

Optimization of production systems

Today, almost nothing works without software: We analyze your processes and IT, define requirements for future processes and develop concrete solutions.


Customized machines and modules

You already know exactly what you want? Very well. We offer you our expertise and develop the right automation solutions, special machines and modular additions for you.

Optimization of process chains

From the automation of classic small batches to the integration of additive processes – together with you we develop adaptive, digital process chains for your production.

Here you can meet our partners from industry and science

Innovations are always created when several good impulses come together. In our community, you come into contact with an inspiring network from industry and science.


5G-Industry Campus Europe

The 5G-Industry Campus Europe brings together companies and research institutions to jointly explore and test the new possibilities of 5G mobile technology.

ACOP – Aachen Center for Optics Production

Within the framework of the ACOP, the Fraunhofer IPT is establishing a competence center for digital optics production together with partners from the optics industry.

Cross Industry Groups

In our topic-related Cross Industry Groups, we use the targeted exchange of companies from a wide variety of backgrounds to jointly identify creative solutions to cross-industry challenges.






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In the International Center for Networked Adaptive Production, we digitize production systems and value chains with renowned industry partners.

Invention Center

The Invention Center is a community that carries out research and development projects around technology and innovation management in close cooperation with RWTH Aachen University.



At the International Center for Tubomachinery Manufacturing ICTM, we develop new and sustainable production technologies and concepts together with companies in the turbomachinery industry.