Passion for precision: producing and machining high-precision, functionalized surfaces

Regardless of whether special reflection properties of a replicated optic are desired, lower adhesion of injection-molded plastics to the wear-resistant metallic tool, or minimized friction through better distribution of lubricant in the gearbox: Fraunhofer IPT offers the appropriate manufacturing process for very different areas of application and implements it in your production.

Our technology portfolio includes automated fine machining, diamond cutting, ultra-precise grinding and polishing, micro- and nanostructuring, and pressing of high-precision glass optics. We combine individual processes of generative and replicative manufacturing methods into high-performance process combinations and chains, depending on the desired end product.

Smooth, structured or extra-hard: manufacturing processes for different product requirements


Frictionless: micro- and nanostructures

For special functions, for example for the distribution of liquid media or for targeted reflection, we incorporate microstructures into component surfaces using various processes. 

High gloss:
Smooth surfaces machined or polished

Ultra-precision machining and automated polishing technologies create smooth, high-gloss component surfaces.

Hardened surfaces in sheet metal working

Local laser hardening in the progressive process can replace the previously separate oven hardening process: The sheet is heated locally by laser radiation and thus hardened.

Laser metal deposition with wire (LMD-w)

In the LMD-w process, wire is melted onto the workpiece with a laser to apply protective coatings to surfaces in an environmentally friendly manner.