Medical technology

Individual series production for high-performance medical products

The trend in medical technology toward smaller, lighter, intelligent and personalized medical devices is benefiting from technological advances in software development, the application of artificial intelligence, device communication and new manufacturing technologies.

In order to exploit this potential and benefit patients, we are constantly reanalyzing the increasing needs of the healthcare system in an aging society, adapting new technologies to the strict regulations and laws for medical devices, and defining cost-effective production processes and process chains that can cope with the high demands of product complexity and heterogeneity.

The production of the future will therefore also require new technologies, software and manufacturing processes in the medical technology industry that are networked and flexible and allow data-based process optimization.

Our offer for the medical technology industry

High-tech medical products guarantee a higher quality of life in an aging society. The ongoing development of production and metrological processes ensures that new medical products are ready for the market faster and more cost-effectively.

Diagnostic systems and procedures

With the latest diagnostic procedures such as OCT or high-speed microscopy, we support you in quickly and efficiently recording and automatically evaluating important health parameters.

and implants

We continue to develop milling and 3D printing technologies for customized and high-performance prostheses and medical implants.

Surgical tools

We support you in the production of complex and minimally invasive surgical tools and show you how to produce them efficiently and scalably.

Hygiene and cleaning

New production technologies and particle-repellent microstructures help to hygienically eliminate germs and pathogens in sensitive environments.

Medical aids

Medical technology products and technologies that create new freedoms for people with physical impairments are developed in collaboration with experts from neighboring disciplines.

Production strategies for the medical technology of tomorrow

In our trend report, we describe which further developments in production technology will strongly influence the manufacture of medical devices in the future. We see particular opportunities in the use of Industrie 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence or additive manufacturing processes.

Personalized and individualized medical devices

Individualized medical devices offer patients better tolerability and also greater comfort for those treating them. In order to produce these products cost-effectively and yet safely in small batches, manufacturers need high-performance manufacturing concepts.

Intelligent and multifunctional medical products

The combination of modern sensor technology, innovative manufacturing processes and high-performance materials is creating a new generation of intelligent, multifunctional medical devices.

Biohybrid medical devices

The combination of biological and technical materials can significantly expand both the compatibility and the functional spectrum of medical devices. However, the production of hybrid and biocompatible materials requires flexible, adaptive processes.

Minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy

Minimally invasive interventions spare patients and also relieve the burden on hospitals. We are researching high-performance processes for the manufacture of suitable medical instruments and new sensor technology.

Networked, adaptive production for high-performance medical devices

The use of process data can help medical technology manufacturers to successfully and quickly implement complex production projects with high quality requirements.