Exploration capability – opening up new business areas

The dynamics of uncertain times and changing customer needs often demand radical innovations from companies. Step-by-step changes in the core business are no longer sufficient to adapt to the dynamics of the market. Instead, many companies are faced with the task of translating trends into product and process innovations at high speed or even establishing entirely new business areas or models.

Exploration capability means opening up new business areas through corporate venturing, by means of separate corporate units or in the form of start-up participation. This enables you to adapt more quickly to new or changed customer and market needs and to realize radical technological innovations in the sense of "deep tech".

Fraunhofer IPT will work with you to investigate how to set up separate innovation units and identify forms of cooperation and partners that suit your company.


Would you like to find out how you can tap into new markets or expand your product portfolio with existing technologies and competencies? We evaluate the attractiveness of your diversification options with you.


Digital business models

We systematically work out with you how you can improve your value creation with digital services and business models.


Specialists for mechanical and plant engineering

With special expertise in mechanical and plant engineering, we develop the future of your company together.

Disruptive technologies

We support you in the design and implementation of disruptive technologies and guide you through the transformation process to the introduction of breakthrough innovations.

Organizational forms for more flexible business development

Corporate Venture Units

We support you in establishing corporate venture units and technology centers to promote innovation and strengthen competitiveness.

Technology centers

Fraunhofer IPT supports you in the strategic conception and design of technology centers, with which you can secure the long-term innovation capability of your company.