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Technological expertise and strategic perspective

If you want to be successful in production technology, you have to keep looking beyond your own limits, recognize changes quickly and help shape them flexibly. We want to be a partner at eye level with our customers: For this reason, we focus our research and development work intensively and continuously on the strategic and technological needs of specific industries. We are particularly strong in these areas, where we have many years of experience with the relevant markets, technologies, systems and applications.


We are active in the following industries


Automotive industry

Electrification, digitization and automation are the three most important drivers of mobility transformation. Catalysts are global trends such as urbanization, scarcity of resources, climate policy requirements and energy transition.



Developing optimal production processes for aviation requires a comprehensive understanding of the component in operation and a wide range of manufacturing technologies for the ideal production chain.



The energy and mobility revolution will have an impact on all sectors of industry - not only on the automotive industry and other fields of application for e-mobility, but also on building technology and consumer products.




Optics and electronics

Digitalization concepts and strategies are already a topic in the optics and electronics industry today. Our goal is efficient networking of all individual and joint processes for the next evolutionary stage of optics production.


Mechanical and
plant engineering

Modern digital production is all about flexibility and sustainability. We meet the challenges of the future with technological expertise and innovative production concepts.



Medical technology

Modern medical devices are intelligent, minimally invasive and individual. With the right production planning and organization, they can be manufactured cost-effectively and safely.


and pharma

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry benefit from technical innovations: Automation supports the development and production of complex products.



Your industry is not listed? With our extensive experience from projects with almost all manufacturing industries, we can also find the right technology for your task.


With our scientific-methodical background we are a good partner for all strategic and organizational processes with the goal of a holistic optimization of your production.