Step by step and everything in view –
from the individual manufacturing process to the sustainable product

Competitive pressure, intensified by competition from low-wage countries, makes it necessary to question your status quo again and again – both organizationally and technologically. The range of possibilities for optimization is wide: production organization, automation, more advanced manufacturing methods, digitization or more sustainable products and processes can contribute to a positive company result and secure competitiveness.

Fraunhofer IPT supports companies that want to develop further in this area: By working with you to take a holistic look at your company and all its value creation processes, our interdisciplinary teams of experts uncover where extensive changes are really worthwhile – with measurable results at the company level, but also step by step in individual processes.

The unique network at our technology location of Aachen enables us to answer almost any production-related task along the entire value chain – from logistics and plant development or integration to robotics and final assembly or the evaluation of current and alternative process chains.

Optimization potential for your production

A little faster, a little cheaper, a little better quality of your products: Something is always possible. You probably already know where your processes and process chains still have room for improvement. Together with you, we take a methodical look at your production with a great deal of technological experience and determine together what you can do to reliably achieve your goals.

Production organization

From the analysis and design of your production environment to the development of sustainable Industry 4.0 infrastructures - we optimize your organizational processes from a holistic perspective.

Production automation

Automated processes significantly reduce the costs of production. You can find out which measures are necessary in an exchange with our experts.


Life cycle assessment in production

Life cycle analyses and life cycle assessments are almost a must-have for manufacturing companies. We show you which key figures are important and how it works!







Integration of additive processes

When the use of additive manufacturing processes is worthwhile and how they can be integrated into existing process chains is something we investigate together with you.







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Our technological

Would you like to know how you can substitute existing processes? Take a look around our technology portfolio and be amazed at what is possible!


Digitalization of production

Digitizing production is a challenging task and not an end in itself. So that you know where it is worthwhile, we take a look at your production together.