Shaping change in the energy market

In line with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate neutrality, Germany will also make a significant contribution to keeping global warming well below two degrees or even limiting it to 1.5 degrees. To this end, the states of the European Union have committed themselves to the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality in 2050.

The energy industry plays an important role here - both in primary energy and in the conversion and storage of secondary energy sources. Only through the interaction of efficient extraction, conversion, storage as well as the transport of (renewable) energy can the goal be achieved. Until net neutrality is achieved, conventional energy sources and renewables will coexist in variable market shares. Companies in the energy sector must now implement the change quickly and actively shape it so that they remain competitive in the competitive market.

New energy sources require new production technology

With many years of expertise in the energy sector, especially in the oil and gas industry and turbomachinery construction, the Fraunhofer IPT is supporting the urgently needed changes in the industry. The task now is to optimize production capacities and bring manufacturing processes to maturity for the new products that the market now demands. Renewable energies and the hydrogen economy, for example, need above all an upscaling of manufacturing capacities in order to quickly achieve competitiveness in the market run-up.

The Fraunhofer IPT provides the production technology basis that can accelerate the turnaround in the energy sector. This includes, in particular, the building blocks of the hydrogen economy: energy converters such as electrolyzers and fuel cells as well as pressure tanks as energy storage devices, but also battery technology.

Our offer for companies in the energy sector

The diversity in the energy mix requires a large number of different concepts and technologies for generation and storage. We are familiar with the needs of the industry and offer production technology for the expansion of renewable energies and for greater efficiency in the use of conventional energy sources.


Hydrogen Economy

For the spread of hydrogen applications, key technologies must become available at low cost. We develop and accelerate the series production of electrolsyeurs and pressure vessels in large quantities.


Battery cell production

The expansion of renewable energies requires new technologies for a wide range of applications: We are developing advanced production technologies to make series production of battery cells for storing renewable energy faster and more cost-effective.


power generation

Which manufacturing process chains are technologically feasible? We evaluate economic and ecological criteria and develop processes for complex components involved in energy generation.


Oil and gas

We offer compressor and pump manufacturers expertise in all aspects of project, requirements and risk management for large-scale projects. Together, we develop and optimize the production of complex compressors and turbines.

Ready for the future? Production must change.