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Research and Development for Industry

In this overview, you will find detailed information about our research and development projects that we carry out together with industry or with partners from the scientific community.

We receive funding, for example, from the European Union, from various german federal ministries, as well as from state ministries in North Rhine-Westphalia. In this context, we work closely with major german research funding institutions. You can also find projects that we are working on within internal programs of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft or in the context of industrial cooperations.

For your search, you can select any search terms and limit the search period to the duration of the projects. Our respective contact persons will be happy to provide you with further information.

  • TraWeBa - Transformation HUB Value Chain Battery

    BMWK-Projekt / Projektbeginn / November 01, 2022

    The research project "TraWeBa" - Transformation HUB Value Chain Battery, aims to establish a Germany-wide hub consisting of a transnational consortium of institutions from the automotive industry and research facilities. Together, the object of battery developments in Germany is to be identified and, based on this, a systematic, demand-oriented and sustainable concept of knowledge and technology transfer via the battery value chain is to be developed.

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  • © Fraunhofer IPT

    The SpaceX SPX27 space transporter will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) on March 15, 2023. Among others, the transporter will carry an experimental setup that the student small satellite group KSat e.V. of the University of Stuttgart will use to conduct three experiments on ferrofluids. The structural components for the setup were additively manufactured at the Fraunhofer IPT.

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  • The aim of the research project "hyPro – Integration of hybrid intelligence in the process control of glass forming production plants" is to optimize the process of non-isothermal hot forming by capturing and processing all important influencing parameters using a newly developed modeling software. The software is based on data-driven machine learning (ML) models as well as process models based on expert knowledge.

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  • EffF3D – Efficient functionalization of 3D formed thin glass

    BMWK Project / Project start / September 01, 2022

    The aim of the research project "EffF3D – Efficient Functionalization of 3D-Shaped Thin Glass" is to develop an energy- and resource-saving process chain for the mass production of complex shaped and functionalized thin glass. Compared to established processes, the new process chain reduces energy consumption by 67 percent and CO2 emissions by 63 percent. In addition, environmentally harmful chemicals no longer need to be used at all.

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  • Engineer with stylus on a 3D monitor
    © Fraunhofer IPT

    The goal in the research project "CAMStylus – Development of an AI-supported virtual reality solution for the intuitive operation of computer-aided manufacturing systems" is to significantly improve the intuitiveness of tool path planning in the software and thus make it easier: In the future, CAM programmers will be able to create tool paths using gestures. To this end, the project partners are developing a virtual reality application that allows CAM systems to be used more intuitively, as well as a neural network that is trained with images of hand movements so that it finds the correct parameters for optimal tool paths.

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  • The goal of the research project "KI4ToolPath - Geometry Assisted Classification of Process States for Path Planning Support the WAAM Process " is a fully digital process planning for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). Process errors are detected and compensated for by machine learning already during path planning. The project mainly focuses on implementing interfaces between the software and hardware components for data acquisition, forwarding and processing.

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