Directed energy manufacturing

Modern manufacturing processes offer companies a higher degree of agility and flexibility to meet changing requirements. In addition to conventional manufacturing processes, which are constantly being improved and developed, unconventional technologies are increasingly shaping the manufacturing landscape. The predominantly laser-based unconventional processes open up new possibilities and effectively complement existing methods. Some of these processes are Additive Manufacturing (AM), Laser Structuring as well as material processing using high-pressure water jets. The Fraunhofer IPT researches and develops these technologies further and integrates them into manufacturing process chains.


Additive manufacturing

The Fraunhofer IPT develops various additive manufacturing processes and integrates them into existing manufacturing facilities and sustainable production chains.

Laser structuring

Laser structuring can be used to provide surfaces with optically, mechanically, haptically or biologically functional micro- and nanostructures.


Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)

In the LPBF process, components are produced by selective laser melting of a powder material. The extremely thin layer thickness enables high detail resolution of complex components.

Multi-axial cutting of special materials with the water jet

Multi-axis water jet cutting enables a cold cutting process even in a difficult-to-reach machining zone.

Water jet ablation

The flexible water abrasive jet makes it possible to cut high-performance materials to a specified depth, even without cutting through the entire component.


Publicly funded projects enable us to break new technological ground. Here you will find some examples:

Press Releases

Our press releases on new systems and technologies as well as successfully completed research projects offer you an insight into our activities.