Mission Statement

One can only convincingly convey something to others that one is entirely familiar with. The Fraunhofer IPT operates on a basis of professionalism, cooperation and efficiency. Our mission statement this is not only a commitment but also a natural part of our self-image and put into practice by our employees.

Applied Research and Consulting

The task of the Fraunhofer IPT is to transfer research findings into economically viable and unique innovations in the field of production.

The Fraunhofer IPT promotes and conducts applied research, implements research results in an industrial context, and provides relevant and effective consulting services for the direct benefit of industry, thereby contributing significantly to the competitiveness of companies.

Excellent and Exceptional

The Fraunhofer IPT offers research and consulting services of excellent quality on the basis of scientifically recognized procedures and using state-of-the-art facilities. It is the goal of the Fraunhofer IPT to achieve technological and opinion leadership in its key focus areas with respect to contract research at both a national and international level.

Transparent Development Guidelines

The Fraunhofer IPT works according to standard development guidelines that coordinate the competence areas of the individual departments and allow them to be integrated on a project basis. Value is also placed on interdisciplinary collaboration with recognized partners from industry and research. The Fraunhofer IPT uses these synergies to offer system solutions from a single source.

Qualified and Motivated Employees

The performance of the Fraunhofer IPT is determined to a decisive degree by the technical and social competence of its staff. With a high level of commitment to the Institute and exceptional motivation and professionalism in projects, the employees of the Fraunhofer IPT are the foundation of our success.

The Fraunhofer IPT provides its employees with an excellent working environment and a platform for professional and personal development that equips them for challenging tasks at the Institute as well as in other areas of science, in industry and in society. "Knowledge transfer via people", i.e. external transfer of know-how gained at the Institute, is actively encouraged at the Fraunhofer IPT.

Culture and Values

The working environment at the Fraunhofer IPT is marked by mutual respect, content transparency, openness, cooperativeness, understanding and trust. Collaboration with our partners also rests on these values.

Customer Orientation

All activities of the Fraunhofer IPT are carried out for the direct benefit of the customer. Customer satisfaction is a decisive success indicator for the Fraunhofer IPT. Our capabilities and professionalism in contract research lead to long-term partnerships.

Efficient Organization

The excellent work of the Fraunhofer IPT is based on optimum internal procedures and sound use of methods. Administrative and technical departments as well as marketing and media design are actively incorporated into our services, enabling the engineering departments to concentrate on technological and methodological innovations. All organizational units of the Fraunhofer IPT therefore play a role in ensuring the high level of customer satisfaction.

Economic Success and Entrepreneurship

Economic success is crucial to the self-management and to the strategic development of the Fraunhofer IPT. The independent financing of the Institute allows the technological potential in future issues to be approached in a targeted way, so that promising solutions may be derived for the customer.