Multi-Technology Platform

The task of integrating different manufacturing technologies into a single hybrid production system with a view to reducing set-up and auxiliary process times represents an enormous challenge for machine tool manufacturers.

This is why the Fraunhofer IPT has developed the "Multi Technology Robot System for Adaptive Manufacturing MIRA", which combines different manufacturing technologies in a single robot cell. The facility increases productivity and accelerates value creation through significant reductions of transport and set-up times. Different manufacturing technologies such as drilling, polishing and grinding are interlinked and integrated by an adapter plate at the robot head. An active laser protection system additionally enables the integration of laser-based technologies such as laser structuring and laser hardening into the robot cell. The industrial robot is mounted on a linear axis that covers the entire clamping surface of 4 x 2.5 metres.

The various manufacturing technologies are complemented by a 3D digitalization system to subject the individual manufacturing stages to rigorous quality checks without any need for changes of the set-up.

Our services

  • Feasibility studies for the use of industrial robots in the processing of work pieces
  • Transfer of existing manufacturing technologies to industrial robots
  • Customized design of manufacturing process chains hat involve industrial robots

How you can benefit

  • Reliable tests to identify the potentials of a robot-based manufacturing operation without any need to invest in your own test equipment
  • Increase the flexibility of your manufacturing operation by integrating several manufacturing technologies in a single production facility
  • Reduction of times required for set-up and transport as well as waiting and idle times

Multi technology

MIRA bietet die Möglichkeit, verschiedenste Fertigungstechnologien in einer Aufspannung zu vereinen.

Flexible manufacturing

The integration of different processing heads increases the flexibility of the manufacturing cell and gives you the option of subsequent upgrades and extensions.

Increasing productivity

By reducing transport times, waiting and idle times, the multi-technology platform enables companies to manufacture at competitive costs even in high-wage countries.