Special measuring systems

Special solutions for challenging measurement requirements

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Miniaturized measurement technology for demanding measurement tasks

Testing manufactured or assembled components with the appropriate measuring equipment is an important prerequisite for reliable product quality. Complex component geometries and the desire for measurements in the running production process require individual measuring systems or testing devices that are often not available on the market. At this point, special system developments are used to specifically fulfil special metrological, economic and production-related boundary conditions.

The Fraunhofer IPT has many years of experience in the development of such special measuring systems. The development process includes the integration of existing sensors into a production system or a creating complex new sensor solution. In various projects, besides different tactile and optical sensors, fiber-optic sensors, imaging methods as well as sensors for vibration and acoustic measurements have been used.

For the methodical selection of suitable measuring systems, we have the powerful strategy tool IDENT at our disposal, which was developed in cooperation with the machine tool laboratory of RWTH Aachen University.

IDENT consists of several modules that systematically record and evaluate industry- and company-specific requirements for measurement technology.

Our service

  • Identification of suitable measuring technology for your testing task
  • Development, construction and validation of measurement systems
  • Integration of measurement technology into manufacturing processes
  • Synchronization of measuring system and machine control
  • Metrological process control
  • Automation of measurement technology


Mechanical engineering

The use of sensors reduce production times and thus also costs. The integration of measurement technology into the machine allows the inspection of high-precision components without reclamping. Vibration and acoustic measurements enable direct conclusions regarding the manufacturing quality and aaptive readjustment of the systems.

Process engineering

Position recognition as well as integrated quality control are still challenging in process technology. The Fraunhofer IPT deals with questions that exceed the standard level.


We use the acquisition and evaluation of large amounts of data, the development of optical measuring instruments and their integration into automated systems to achieve efficient standardized data acquisition.


Plant measuring cell

The measuring cell performs automated geometric measurements of plants. The sensors are guided by the kinematics of the measuring cell. Flexible process control and networking enable the creation of individual treatment processes and continuous data management.