Examples of hybrid production machines and laser modules

Lathe "LaserTurn"

By modifying the tool revolver in the "LaserTurn" lathe developed by Fraunhofer IPT, the laser beam can be guided inside the revolver to the tool stations. The beam is coupled with exchangeable, beam shaping tools and performs the required component processing step.

Spinning machine "LaserSpin"

An additional axis arrangement on a conventional spinning machine and a swiveling laser optic enable the use of a high-energy laser beam for localized compo-nent heating to follow the complex motion sequences of the spinning tool.

5-axis milling machine "Alzmetall LOB"

We integrate an optical laser spindle instead of the conventional milling spindle in a 5-axis milling machine. As a result, we can use the machine for laser surface treatment of complex geometries and for additive manufacturing.

3-axis milling machine "Röders CMB"

The Röders CMB was developed for the hybrid, additive manufacturing process Controlled Metal Build-up (CMB). This system combines wire-based laser build-up welding with downstream milling operations for the defined, layer-by-layer as-sembly of components.

"Hy-PRESS press module" for laser-assisted sheet metal processing

The hy-PRESS module permits components made of high-strength steels with high component complexity and demanding edge quality to be produced with low tool wear. A laser beam heats the material locally at the points to be machined. Localized heating improves formability and cutability for the duration of processing. The system which has been retro-fitted with hy-PRESS thus significantly improves conventional sheet metal processing in bending, stamping, deep drawing, cutting and flange forming operations conducted on high-strength steels.

Milling tool with integrated laser optics

In the "TooLAM" project, a milling tool with integrated laser optics was developed. This enables us to focus the laser beam, which is guided through the tool spindle, directly in front of the tool cutting edge.

Laser head for integration into a machine tool

Integration solution for retrofitting machine tools: The laser head with laser scanner can be integrated into conventional machining centers as a retrofit solution (e.g. for local laser hardening) via an HSK interface.