Modular system construction kit for high-precision-assembly and micro-assembly processes

Building a customized machine does not mean having to re-invent the wheel. The cost-effective micro- and high-precision assembly of small and medium-sized batches requires flexible assembly solutions. This is why Fraunhofer IPT has developed a system construction kit for recurring challenges of sophisticated assembly technology. This kit features machine components (together with components of their control systems) as well as parameterizable process specifications.

Quick and cost-effective development of micro-assembly and high-precision assembly facilities

Based on the modules that we develop, we can quickly and cost-effectively build up customized micro-assembly and high-precision assembly facilities, providing our clients with the machine components and the controlling systems that they require to manufacture newly designed as well as existing (but until then manually produced) systems. The machine platform comprises a gantry with four degrees of freedom, a modular industrial control system and mechanical, pneumatic and electric interfaces. Loading, handling, manipulation and adjustment solutions as well as systems for the dispensation and curing of the adhesives complete the assembly unit. Fraunhofer IPT is continuously developing new and reusable tools as well as process modules for the individual elements of the process chain.

Open solutions for a wide range of individual requirements

Fraunhofer IPT assembly platform has been designed in such a way that our clients can extend and upgrade it according to their evolving needs and requirements, using even components from third-party providers. This allows manufacturers to react quickly and flexibly to the changing demands of their markets.

To make sure that the system responds in the most effective way to the needs of our clients, we can create a virtual reality model to illustrate what the platform would look like and how it would behave. On request, we can also conduct training courses or integrate our components into existing control systems. Just tell us what you want and what you need: we will find a solution.

Our services

  • Configuration of customized assembly solutions
  • Development of customer-specific modules and processes
  • Virtual reality models of manufacturing solutions
  • Individual adjustment of modules for existing system construction kits

Our services for high-precision assembly and micro-assembly