Modular kit for roll-to-roll production processes

Continuous production processes with roll-to-roll technology allows manufacturers to produce their goods quickly and cost-effectively. The Fraunhofer IPT is currently exploring the potential of new opportunities, developing special equipment for the production of films with functional surfaces.

The modular roll-to-roll system

Based on many years of experience in the field of special-purpose engineering, the Fraunhofer IPT develops a modular roll-to-roll system for the mass production of functional surfaces. Cost-efficient manufacturing solutions for large area as well as small batches will allow the industry to provide new products at short notice and with short set-up times.

Several process modules have already been developed to provide the basis for an efficient build-up and further improvement of process chains. The more reliable and accurate these processes become, the higher the number of potential new applications. Continuous improvements are constantly widening the horizon of possibilities.

Mass-production of functional surfaces with roll-to-roll technology

Printed electronics and optical structures as well as biofunctional surfaces and microfluidics provide high potential for the integration into foils. A combination of these functions – in a multi-layered structure or directly on top of individual foils – will allow new markets to emerge. It becomes possible, for example, to manufacture large series of lab-on-chip systems at low costs.

Conventional roll-to-roll processes are increasingly complemented by semi-continuous “roll-to-sheet” processes. Current technological challenges include the need to ensure sufficiently high levels of accuracy and the need to control the impact of the individual processes on web tension and stability. Trial runs with a small test series can establish whether it is possible to roll out the process on an industrial scale and whether the finished products meet the required quality standards.

Our services  

  • Feasibility studies and customized development of applications for existing manufacturing environments
  • Evaluation of new manufacturing solutions for your products
  • Development of test benches and process analyses in printed electronics, AVT on printed electronics, photonic sintering, UV nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) and laser structuring
  • Upgrading of existing facilities by adding new or optimizing existing process modules
  • Development of complete engineering solutions – from the drawing board to the construction of continuous production facilities

Current roll-to-roll projects


The IPT is currently developing a new roll-to-roll production line design that will allow a resource-efficient and cost-effective transfer of 2D-materials to polymer foils.


Since late last year, the Fraunhofer IPT has been developing manufacturing processes with a module that is capable of performing direct laser micro-structuring in roll-to-roll technology.


Under the EU project "FlexPOL", an international consortium is exploring low-cost solutions of how to produce anti-microbial foils through roll-to-roll technology.