Consortium projects

In consortium projects, we explore, identify, analyze and evaluate the opportunities and risks of industrial trend topics for you. As part of an exclusive network, you define the key questions to be answered and shape the structure of the project. You will gain a structured overview of innovative technologies and market trends, gain topical insights within your new network and gain a broad knowledge base of different technologies. Detailed technology and market studies, business cases, roadmaps and demonstrators enable you to make well-founded and quick decisions safeguarding your company’s future success.

Our strong partners  

  • We host the project together with KEX Knowledge Exchange AG, a professional information service provider for technology and market information with great experience in technological consortium projects
  • Research entities from the RWTH Aachen Campus ecosystem and beyond are integrated in the project according to required specific skills

Organizational setup  

  • Approximately 20 consortium partners
  • Project duration of 12 months
  • Four major project meetings in Aachen
  • Optional expert workshops and training sessions

Our Approach

We decompose technological hype topics for you. By breaking them down to their constituting elements they become tangible and utilizable in the context of your business. Following this approach you receive a reliable decision basis.


Creation of a basic common understanding of the topic and description of technological building blocks


Screening of existing and future technology applications within defined segments of the topic


Elaboration of technological in-depth analyses of selected applications and concepts


Assessment of business opportunities for applications and design of conceptual demonstrators

The consortium consists of research partners, experts and around 20 industrial partners. In a kick-off meeting plus three milestone meetings and additional workshops, you will get in touch with your new network to track the progress of the project and continuously influence the content of the upcoming phase.

Your Results


Comprehensive research base for consistent understanding


Comprehensive, segmented overview of relevant applications and concepts

Technology deep-dives

Zoom into selected applications on technological detail level

Business deep-dives

Evaluation of business potential for selected applications incl. market analyses and business plans


Proof of feasibility for promising applications

Expert speeches

Intimate insights by research institutes and industry partners

Network events

Point of contact to decision makers within and outside the consortium

Further content according to your preferences …

Our consortium projects in 2019


Artificial Intelligence

Duration: Q2 2019 – Q2 2020  


Advanced Robotics & Automation

Duration: Q2 2019 – Q2 2020 


Future of Construction & Buildings

Duration: Q3 2019 – Q3 2020