Precision in injection molding

From design to serial production

Injection molding allows for a cost-efficient production of highly precise plastic lenses. However, before series production is possible, an entire process chain must be completed: from lens design and manufacturing the injection molding tool to producing the prototype. A high degree of development competence is required, particularly in the lighting industry, which needs design freedom for creating lighting solutions, and medical technology, which requires precision nanostructure production.

The Fraunhofer IPT is one of the few manufacturers capable of producing high-precision plastic lenses using injection molding processes. The customer-specific products developed in our facilities, ranging from lighting design to finished lenses, meet the necessary requirements and are highly precise: We combine our interdisciplinary competences in lens and component design, high-tech tool and mold making, process development for plastic replication, and specialized system montage. We thus fulfill both quality and economic requirements with highly developed processes and a wealth of experience.

Our services

  • Development and production of high-precision plastic lenses
  • Illustration of the entire production chain:
    • Design of optical injection molding components
    • Feasibility analysis and simulations
    • Tool- and form-making
    • Process and product optimization for replicating plastic lenses
    • Measuring the technical characteristics of mold components (optical and tactile
    • Lens assembly
  • Precise production of prototypes with the help of our machinery, which is specially designed for optical plastic components (electric and hydraulic Arburg injection molding machines with 25 to 320 metric tons of clamping force)

Application examples

LED Lighting

Attachment lenses as well as optical systems and modules for many lighting applications: hall and workplace lighting, production and warehouse lighting, street and public lighting, and much more.


Plastic microlens systems are used increasingly often in camera systems and endoscopes as well as in many sensor technologies. Therefore, high-precision manufacturing and reproducible quality are particularly important for a high-performance imaging system.

Polymer lenses

Our development and manufacturing portfolio includes lens arrays, diffractive and refractive lenses, and freeform lenses, as well as spherical and aspherical lenses.

Life Sciences and
medical technology

In addition to optical components for medical-technical lighting and analytic systems, the principal focus of our development work is on plastic lab-on-a-chip diagnostics systems.


The design, simulation and finally production of structured light guides and their respective components for exterior and interior lighting (edge lighting and ambient lighting) is a core competence of the Fraunhofer IPT.

silicon arrays

Using highly transparent liquid silicon rubber (LSR), we create attachment lenses for demanding applications that require highly heat-resistant components, e.g. automobile headlights or large-surface silicon lens arrays.