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Non-conventional manufacturing processes include additive manufacturing, laser technologies such as laser deposition welding, laser hardening and laser structuring, water jet ablation and electroerosive technologies such as spark erosion (EDM) and electrochemical metalworking (ECM). We develop and optimize non-conventional manufacturing processes and integrate them into existing production processes. In this way, we contribute to solving current and future production and product-related challenges.

With the aim of efficiently integrating non-conventional manufacturing processes into the value chains of our partners, we research and improve the underlying processes. We analyze and evaluate the entire process chain scientifically, make adjustments and integrate the new technologies. In our investigations, we consider new forms of production organization as well as current technological developments that can increase efficiency in production.

The Fraunhofer IPT has various workshops in which parts and components can be manufactured and tested in-house. Our laboratories support us in our R&D projects, for example with high-precision measurements.


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