Non-conventional manufacturing processes and technology integration

In our "Laser material processing" department, we develop and qualify processes that make it possible to make efficient use of laser tools in the value creation process. We develop laser joining technologies for the manufacture of geometrically complex metal products and transfer these to industrial manufacturing situations. We use laser structuring to produce highly precise 3D structures for tribology and mold-making. We build prototypical processing plant for flexible shape structuring. We also develop hybrid processing technologies in which process integration makes it possible to process components with complex forms from materials that are difficult to machine - without the need to re-clamp.

In addition to techniques that enable the automated repair of tools and components and the application of anti-wear coatings, we also develop additive production technologies for metallic and ceramic tools as well as products with extremely high levels of geometric flexibility.

Our offer includes

  • the machining of complex components for the tool and mold making
  • the production of small series
  • the preparation of feasibility studies and
  • advice on the interpretation of process chains for wear protection by laser surface treatment

Laser surface treatment

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The use of the laser makes it possible to change surface properties – including partial changes with a high degree of geometrical and material flexibility. We develop systems solutions for wire and powder-based laser build-up welding as well as modifications of specific edge layers using laser hardening, re-melting, alloying or dispersing for use in wear or corrosion protection applications.

Laser structuring

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We develop systems for the production of design or functional structures using pulsed laser beams with minimal amounts of material removal for tool making, biomedical and tribology applications. Intelligent CAM links as well as beam and process controls can be used to create almost any surface structure, including complex freeform surfaces in almost any materials.

Laser-assisted manufacturing processes

Laserunterstützte Fertigung
In this area, we develop manufacturing technologies for laser-assisted cutting and forming on an industrial scale. Partial heating and the resultant localized material softening of laser-assisted processing extends the current limitations associated with conventional materials and also makes the machining of technical ceramics possible for the first time.

Generative component manufacture and repair

Generative Fertigung
The use of the laser in generative component manufacture and repair makes it possible to produce extremely complex external and internal geometries. Here, we use a number of metallic, ceramic or polymer-based materials and composites. We use powder-based processes such as selective laser sintering as well as processes such as build-up welding with wire or powdered filler materials in the development of our process and systems solutions.

Feasibility studies and prototype manufacture

You have a manufacturing technology challenge that you are unable to deal with using your own resources? We will apply our comprehensive technological knowledge to help you select and qualify a suitable manufacturing process, and can produce prototypes and small series using our modern manufacturing equipment.