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The 14th Aachen Technology and Innovation Management Conference, Aachen »Innovation 2030: Managing the Technological Transformation«

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An event for professional and managerial staff of technology-oriented business on a range of focus topics.

Strategic Technology & Roadmapping

This event shows how to set priorities through an expressly defined technology strategy, make the right decisions and use your resources efficiently.


  • Systematic process to develop a technology strategy and technology roadmap
  • Fundamental methods and tools of strategic technology planning
  • Keys to success in practice

This event will enable you to systematically record your own expertise, position yourself strategically and to derive correct measures.

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Technology Intelligence

This event presents and consolidates core elements to determine successful technology intelligence.


  • Systematic process and basic operations of technology intelligence
  • Fundamental tools and methods for technology scanning, monitoring and scouting
  • Keys to success in practice

This event enables you to identify and recognize systematically relevant technological developments as well as to assess technological opportunities and risks in the business context correctly.

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