Current projects

Interdisciplinary industry projects


Consortium Benchmarking: »Agile Product Delvelopment«

Our consortium benchmarking "Agile Product Development" aims to identify and benefit from successful and proven solutions and success factors. Get to know the so-called successful practices: Concepts, methods and innovative approaches of the most successful companies in the application of agile product development.  



Consortial study: Blockchain for industrial applications

This project aims to gain a better understanding of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, derive market implications and potential as well as to investigate instances of application from an economic and technological perspective.


Consortial study: Future Mobility & Infrastructure

Reducing the environmental impact of pollution and congestion and increasing transport efficiency in all segments are important factors for a sustainable future. Join the »Future Mobility & Infrastructure« consortium to streamline your response to the coming change and effectively address future challenges.


Consortial study: Advanced Materials

Today a multitude of new, innovative and individually adapted materials dominate the technical development. Join the »Advanced Materials« consortium and discover Advanced Materials and its implications for innovative products.

Research projects



The core aim of the »EPIC« project is to establish a competence center as an internationally leading research institute on production informatics, management and control characterized by outstanding research, development and innovation.



Within »FlexPol«, an EU project, an international project consortium led by Fraunhofer IPT develops a manufacturing approach to apply antimicrobial surface structures extensively and cost-efficiently in adhesive film.


»Modular system for loading vehicles«

The aim of this research project is to develop a modularized approach to loading vehicles for urban logistics of SME.