Agile Suitability Quick-Check

Agile, high-iterative development processes enable organizations to reduce development time and costs, as well as to better meet customer needs. In software development, the origin of agile approaches, agile development methods are already widely and successfully used. Increasing innovation pressure in form of decreasing product lifecycle times and volatile customer demands, is leading to an growing number of companies trying to use agile methods in the development of physical products.

Due to significant differences between software and hardware development, however, the methods and approaches are not fully transferable. This necessitates an individual consideration of the suitability for the use of agile methods in development projects of physical products. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer IPT, in close cooperation with several industrial partners, identified seven criteria that have a great influence on the suitability of a project with regard to the application of agile methods. These criteria have been summarized into a quick-check, which allows a fast and rough assessment of the project in terms of the applicability of agile methods.