Technology management


We advise our customers in all disciplines of technology management – from the conceptual design to the elaboration of strategies, processes and methods for tailor-made technology management.

Technology Management Design

It is crucial for companies to quickly identify technologies, to develop these in a customer-oriented manner and, in turn, to replace these in time. Technology management must therefore progress systematically, in order to secure their technology basis in the future and to address the needs of their customers. We conceptualize technology management taking the general framework into consideration.

Technology Forecasting

Recognizing opportunities and risks well in advance, ensures that companies maintain an essential competitive advantage. Relevant technologies and their efficiency as well as their potential must be assessed effectively. A systematic technology forecasting process gives companies the means to negotiate the information overload and to create a strong foundation for technology decisions. We implement individual technology forecasting processes and the tools required for the job.

Technology Strategy

We analyze both product and production technologies, company goals and the company specific environment for companies. We then formulate strategic goals for individual areas of technology, to efficiently achieve unique technological characteristics. This individual technology strategy helps our customers to make the right decisions and use their resources efficiently.

Core Competency Analysis

Long-term market success requires a focus on the core competencies. A detailed analysis of the core competencies creates the foundation for the development of long-term technology strategies and enables targeted competency building in companies. We support companies in the identification and the analysis of competencies and carve out long-term core competencies.

Technology Roadmapping

A stringent, methodically supported technology roadmapping process makes the systematic planning of future technological application possible. We analyze sustainable technological alternatives, determine the best time of entry in new technologies and plan the substitution of existing technologies. Roadmaps convey cross-departmental transparency for companies and help synchronize technological activities.

Technology- and Competency-based Diversification

It is becoming increasingly important to fully exploit the market potential of existing competencies and technologies. We highlight ways in which technologies and competencies can be used to conquer new markets and to purposefully expand existing markets. We evaluate the attractiveness of diversification for companies and create a solid foundation for decision making.

Technology Knowledge Protection

Every company should effectively protect their technological expertise. The Fraunhofer IPT supports companies in analyzing systematic critical damage-scenarios and in creating effective protection concepts. We develop suitable technological or organizational protection measures and combine them to produce a coherent final concept for sustainable protection.

Technology Due Diligence

We evaluate the technological potential of technology oriented companies, especially in the context of company take-overs and fusions. We focus on a careful assessment of technological performance as well as the product market segment of the target firm. Through our evaluation, our customers acquire a reliable information basis for informed decisions.

Price and Cost Analysis

The growing procurement volume and the greater complexity and diversity of products pose major challenges for companies. Here, it is important to maintain an overview of the component costs and to evaluate a range of quotations from suppliers in terms of functionality and quality. We support companies in the concept design, implementation and execution of cost optimization projects as well as in identifying genuine savings potentials in product purchasing.

Studies and Benchmarking

We draw on our technological expertise, a structured approach and access to technical and market knowledge to create a comprehensive information basis for the support of strategic decision-making processes.

Technology and Market Studies

We identify future technologies, products, markets, customers and competitors in order to create an integrated information basis, which enables our customers to develop technological uniqueness setting them apart from the competition. We evaluate how technologies will develop in the future and what their limiting factors are. We analyze markets on behalf of our customers, revealing any entry barriers and highlighting opportunities for growth.

Technology-Scanning and -Monitoring

The increasing volume of available information and the easy accessibility of knowledge are resulting in a non-transparent oversupply of information. We create an overview of the search fields of relevance to each company individually in order to avoid technological surprises. We target our search for company specific technology developments and access the technological knowledge of our extensive network.

Our partner: KEX Knowledge Exchange AG

The KEX Knowledge Exchange is a professional technology and market information provider. Being a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) and a close partner of the Laboratory for Machine Tools of the RWTH Aachen University (WZL), the KEX consists of a growing network of Fraunhofer Institutes, Universities and specialists.

The Intelligent knowledge management systems, as well as the comprehensive access to exclusive information and to a unique network of experts enable the effective scanning, scouting and monitoring of technologies and markets. By means of a demand-specific compilation and assessment of information, the KEX is best placed to support a wide range of business decisions.