Technology rating

Against the backdrop of accelerated technological change, investments in new technologies outside one's own core business are becoming increasingly important in all sectors of industry. A rapidly growing scene of technology start-ups, also in the production environment, illustrates this change as well as the accompanying challenges with regard to securing one's own competitive position in the long term. On the other hand, however, new technologies offer established companies the opportunity to sustainably strengthen their own innovative power.

Seize opportunities

In particular, new technologies outside the company's own core business open up the possibility of creating disruptive innovations. These new technologies require targeted investments, but are highly risky due to the limited information available, especially in the early phases. As a result, established companies shy away from investing and thus miss out on opportunities that are currently only exploited by venture capitalists.

Recognize and evaluate potentials

In order to tap the potential of new technologies in the early stages and achieve sustainable competitive advantages, it is essential to reduce the existing risk by systematically identifying and evaluating possible potentials. To this end, the Fraunhofer IPT is developing a technology rating to systematically and comprehensively analyze technologies and evaluate them against the background of its own competencies and strategy. The goal is to identify not only the general potential but also those that result from the combination with the existing business models and thus maximize the individual competitive advantages.

Our services

  • Analysis of the current competencies of your company
  • Analysis of corporate goals and strategy
  • Systematic derivation of development and application potentials of new technologies
  • Comparison of strategic goals with technology potentials and derivation of options for action