Technology risk and potential analysis

Today more than ever, companies must sustain their market position through the development and use of innovative technologies. Due to changing market and customer requirements, shorter product development cycles and technological challenges, the business-specific selection of technologies is usually associated with high uncertainties.  

Early decision-making carries risks

The early decision for or against a technology is also characterized by a low knowledge base and information reliability, so that companies often misjudge the associated risks.  

Thus, you face the challenge of identifying and prioritizing promising technologies as early as possible. You need to systematically evaluate their potential and risks to make well-informed decision.

Methodology for Evaluating Technologies

Fraunhofer IPT has developed a method for the potential- and risk-based evaluation of technologies. This method helps establish criteria for describing technologies, assessing their risks, and determining their relative importance. In this way, technologies can be systematically evaluated, considering the usage context and business objectives.

Ongoing Monitoring

In addition, we conduct ongoing monitoring, as technologies that appeared promising in the past might now be evaluated differently due to evolving legal or regulatory standards. Therefore, the consistent evaluation of technologies from a sustainability perspective is increasingly becoming a focus of technology assessment.