Technology strategy development

An expressly defined technology strategy allows you to set priorities, make the right decisions and use your resources efficiently. This way, you know which technologies you should develop at what point in time and to what end. The Fraunhofer IPT supports you in developing a concept and process to create an individual technology strategy.

Planning, operations and measures to achieve technological goals

A business’s long-term technology strategy delineates planning and specification of activities and measures to achieve the respective technological aims. This way, strategically suitable technologies are selected and goals defined which describe the performance of the technologies, their character and use as well as matters of timing.

Individual analysis and development of strategic measures

Together with you we analyze your product and production technologies, business goals, competitive strategies, success factors and your business environment. In the following, we set out strategic goals for single technologies or technology fields which allow you to effectively attain technological features unique to you. Strategic measures round off the technology strategy and are derived, determined and planned together with you.

Grounded in many years’ consulting experience informed by most recent findings of applied research, we develop a concept and process to design your technology strategy together with you. Building on these results you will then be able to define your specific technology strategy. We are glad to support you in this, too.

Our services

  • Analyzing product, production and material technology
  • Analyzing business goals
  • Analyzing markets, competitors and alternative technologies
  • Defining strategic goals for the technology in question
  • Deriving of measures to attain these goals