Recalculating values for sustainable value creation: What are the actual production costs?

Over the past 100 years, industrialization has shaped almost all sectors of the economy through cost optimization, time savings and quality improvements. But this overproduction, which makes perfect economic sense, has led to a rapid increase in resource consumption and CO2 emissions.  

Today, capital- and resource-intensive productivity thinking is increasingly being challenged by a more ecologically minded society. And so the capital market is also changing its focus: away from the capital-intensive business models of industry - toward issues of the environment, social welfare and corporate governance.

Quantifying the true costs of production

Assessing corporate performance will shift dramatically in all manufacturing industries in the coming years, demanding answers to questions about ecological compatibility, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. Data on the customer's needs, development, (series) production and use of goods must therefore already be incorporated into product design and production planning.

Being able to answer the question of the ecological and social value of a product as transparently as possible is one of our key objectives.

Observation brings about change

The Fraunhofer IPT has many years of expertise in dealing with key figures and economic analyses. If new evaluation standards are now being added, the relations are shifting: New products and sustainable business models will become more attractive.

Key figures and life cycle analyses

By collecting new key figures as well as with life cycle analyses and life cycle assessments, we create transparency about the true costs of your production, for example to meet ESG criteria.

Green innovation

In ecologically oriented cluster and potential analyses, we work out with you which sustainable business models are available and how to derive further diversification of your products and services from them. Strategically well equipped, you then launch your product with a targeted roadmap. Take advantage of our Experience Day!

Further paths to sustainability


Resource-efficient production

Our goal is to significantly reduce material and energy consumption or replace harmful materials and auxiliary materials with more environmentally compatible ones.  


Produce environmentally friendly products

Sustainable products are manufactured using fewer resources, are energy-efficient in use, and are recyclable at the end of their life.