Integration of Additive Processes into Industrial Manufacturing

In order to integrate additive manufacturing processes into new or already established process chains, the Fraunhofer IPT develops suitable system solutions as well as consulting and practical support - from the evaluation of technical feasibility and selecting of hardware to the design of the required manufacturing processes.  

At the beginning, a rough and detailed analysis of the components and products is carried out: Based on their characteristic criteria, we evaluate their suitability for additive manufacturing technologies, choose appropriate processes and assess the manufacturing readiness level, options for automatization, production costs etc.

To deduce concrete measures, we hence rely on well-founded market studies and future-oriented scenarios and employ our own software tools for process evaluations. We offer longstanding experience, also regarding the evaluation of possible partners and suppliers, which enables us to support manufacturing companies in terms of integrating additive manufacturing into their production and making solid make-or-buy decisions.  

Themes and projects

Fraunhofer Cluster of Innovation "AdaM" – Adaptive Production for Resource Effiency in Energy Generation and Mobility

The main goal of the Cluster of Innovation "AdaM" is the implementation of new turbomachinery concepts and component designs in order to considerably increase the efficiency of energy conversion, meaning to measurably reduce CO2 emissions and sustainably preserve natural resources. For the first time, the resource efficiency will be assessed over the entire product life-cycle of the product in question – from the manufacture, through the operation to maintenance, repair and overhaul. The cluster will be examining steam and gas turbines for the power plant industry, small gas turbines for decentralized power-heat coupling, gas turbines for airplane turbine engines as well as turbochargers for modern automobile motors.