Software Solutions for Companies and the Integration of Addivte Manufacturing Processes

Additive manufacturing processes require suitable software – both during application as well as for preliminary selecting, evaluating and monitoring.

For this purpose, the Fraunhofer IPT develops adaptive software solutions for designing CAx process chains, CAM modules for laser weld cladding as well as for evaluating process chains and the potential of additive manufacturing technologies in production.

To integrate additive processes into the manufacturing process chains of companies, the Fraunhofer IPT developed their own CAx framework: Components can thus be pre-simulated in form of "digital twins" by means of defined "function blocks", enabling a constant alignment of real data and direct processing of the components.   

Themes and projects

Data Consistency in the CAx Process Chain

Computer-assisted process chain planning and design via software systems are more important than ever in the age of Industry 4.0. In recent years, there has been a shift in computer-assisted planning of process chains (CAx) from fixed to flexible manufacturing process chains. In accordance with the principle of “mass-customization”, manufacturing process chains must adapt dynamically to inputs and disturbances in order to achieve the expected outcome. The fundamental requirement for continuous, flexible CAx process chains is data consistency.

The BMBF Research Campus »Digital Photonic Production«

The research campus "Digital Photonic Production" explores new methods and fundemental physical effects for the future-oriented use of light as a tool in production, particularly regarding topics such as mobility, energy, health as well as information and communcation technology.

Unlike conventional production processes, light as a tool can be used to produce both small numbers of items as well as complex products (i.e. smallest dimension, different materials, complex geometries) cost-efficiently.