Smart processing module for wire-based laser deposition welding

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Technologies: Developing and optimizing additive manufacturing technologies

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Software development: Operating and integrating additive manufacturing processes

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System solutions: Integrating manufacturing operations in industrial process chains

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive production process chains in industry

Additive Manufacturing – also commonly referred to as 3D printing – is exerting increasing influence on business processes world-wide. As one of the key technologies in digitalized production within the Industrie 4.0 initiative, Additive Manufacturing will have an impact on existing supply chains and will generate new business models.

We at the Fraunhofer IPT regard 3D printing not as a substitute for classical manufacturing but rather as an enrichment of existing processes and process chains: The future lies in intelligent combination of production processes and in their integration within overarching supply chains. The capacity for connectivity and the adaptability of the processes hold out the promise of increasingly customizable products in unparalleled diversity

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Fair formnext, November 10–13, 2020 in Frankfurt a.M., Germany

The formnext is an international trade fair for additive manufacturing technologies and tool and mould making.

Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference DDMC, March 18-19, 2020 in Berlin, Germany

The Fraunhofer Direct Digital Manufacturing Conference DDMC will be taking place in Berlin, Germany, from March 18-19, 2020. Organized by the Fraunhofer Additive Manufacturing Alliance, the DDMC is a bi-annual cutting-edge forum for discussion on Additive Manufacturing, including its application in industry and the environmental impact of such new manufacturing technologies.  

DDMC brings together researchers, educators and practitioners from around the world and fosters an atmosphere conducive to developing new ideas and refining already existing research developments.

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