Circularity: processes for a functioning circular economy

Damage caused by the climate crisis is also becoming clearly noticeable in Europe – extreme weather events are expected to become more frequent in the future in Europe and the associated costs may rise to unprecedented heights. Customers and end consumers are aware of this and demand for sustainable products is growing in all areas of industry and business. At the same time, shortages of raw materials and strict legal regulations are forcing companies to react in order to operate in an economically sustainable manner and to secure their long-term competitiveness.

The ability to circularize makes the strongest contribution to environmental sustainability goals in the company: In a circular economy, they produce as little waste and emissions as possible in accordance with the principle "Reduce – Reuse – Recycle". This is achieved both through adjustments to the product and service portfolio and through changes in production and value creation.

Fraunhofer IPT supports you in identifying fields of action for "Green Growth", sustainable growth, developing a sustainable technological strategy and firmly anchoring it in your company.


Core competence analysis

Core competence analyses serve as the basis for a long-term technology strategy and form the prerequisite for an efficient use of resources.


Technology roadmaps support management in steering the company through unknown terrain in a targeted manner and lay the foundation for efficient discussion and implementation of the technology strategy.

Investment planning for sustainable manufacturing

A systematic and structured strategic investment roadmap lays the foundation for a successful future.



We show you how you can use existing technologies and competencies in your company to open up new markets or expand existing ones in a meaningful way.


Life Cycle Assessment in Production

We analyze your production according to ecological criteria, taking into account the economic constraints, and accompany the optimization process.

Experience Day

Our International Center for Networked Adaptive Production – ICNAP regularly offers a "Big Experience Day", including one on the topic of "Green Tech in Mechanical and Plant Engineering".