Core competence analysis

Core competence refers to the unique skills and abilities a business uses in contrast to their competitors to achieve competitive edge. To be successful on the market long-term, businesses need to focus on their core competences. A detailed core competence analysis is the foundation for developing a long-term technology strategy and allows targeted development of expertise within the business.

Core competence analysis as the foundation for long-term technology strategy

Core competences are the basis for extensive and lasting business development, create sustainable innovation and growth potential and are required for a lasting leading edge regarding know-how. That is why understanding of core competences is a prerequisite for efficient use of resources. This allows businesses to avoid employing a scattergun approach to financing their technology portfolio but rather develop expertise in a targeted manner.

Identifying and analyzing core competences

We support you in identifying and analyzing your core competences: Grounded in many years’ consulting experience and the most recent findings from applied research we investigate your core competences together with you. Liaising with your technology experts, we first determine the criteria and weighting within the evaluation of core competences. Your business’s expertise will be analyzed systematically in all relevant areas and assessed in line with the criteria defined earlier. Within moderated discussion, we identify the core competences of your business together with you and summarize it for internal and external communication.

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