Digitally sustainable: Producing resource-efficiently with production data

Conventional methods, technologies and processes now have reached their limits in many areas of production. However, digitization enables companies to go beyond these limits: The better they know their complex processes and their boundary conditions, the more soundly they can name the true costs of the products that result. By jointly optimizing your manufacturing processes and process chains on this basis, we move closer to the goal of saving valuable resources and reducing emissions.

Knowing the score: Reducing emissions and consumption

To this end, we look at efficiency before, during and after production - wherever material and energy consumption can be reduced, waste and scrap can be avoided and harmful auxiliary materials can be replaced. To this end, we develop technologies that will replace problematic manufacturing processes and make ecological improvements in industrial series production without causing substantial cost increases.

Reduce costs and still produce in an environmentally friendly way? It's possible!

For a long time, the view prevailed in many companies that cost savings could only be enforced at the expense of the ecological footprint. Digitization and data technologies are now creating what was difficult to imagine: sustainable improvements in both dimensions.

Energy and resource-saving process chains

Parallel processes and efficient process chains save time, energy and costs. With simulation and digital twins, we ensure that even the first part comes out of the machine perfectly. You achieve the transition to efficient series production with reduced material consumption through process monitoring and AI.


Saving material in

In many areas of production, environmentally harmful materials can be saved or replaced by less harmful alternatives. Less use of resources leads to less waste; problematic dust, chips, coatings or coolants can be avoided through new procedures or optimized processes, components and surface treatments. 


Energy-efficient plants and machines

Automation, sensor technology and 5G network technology help you to optimize control systems and loops so that intelligent consumption control becomes possible. In our module and custom machine construction, we take ecological requirements into account as a matter of course.


Further paths to sustainability


Shaping sustainable value creation

For more sustainable value creation, we evaluate the entire product life cycle from design to manufacturing and logistics to recycling.


Produce environmentally friendly products

Sustainable products are manufactured using fewer resources, are energy-efficient in use, and are recyclable at the end of their life.