Technology knowledge protection

Product imitations have become commonplace over the past couple of years and are threatening the market success of many businesses. Often businesses only recognize that their know-how is not protected sufficiently once damage has been done by imitations.

Understanding threats before damage is done

The way you address counterfeiting and technology theft can be decisive to your competitiveness, the price of your products and the image of your business. Individual measures need to be intertwined in an overarching concept to ensure long-term protection. If you are fully aware of what know-how to protect and of potential damage scenarios you will be able to develop a secure protection concept. Threats peculiar to your business as well as ancillary conditions decide which protective mechanism to use and how to adjust them to your needs.

Protective mechanisms against counterfeiting and technology theft

We offer solutions to protect your technological know-how individually tailored to your needs. We analyze your business’s technological knowledge and assess its relevance for your technological competitiveness. Fine-tuned in line with your competitive and technology strategies we then create a portfolio of protective mechanisms to ensure long-term competitiveness.

Our services

  • Strengths-and-weaknesses analysis of how to protect the know-how of your company and analysis of potential damage scenarios
  • Systematic analysis of potential protective mechanisms and creativity workshops to identify ways of implementing these
  • Implementation of measures to introduce useful protective mechanisms