Technology platforms

A technology platform independent of the respective products enables you to discover technological synergies, reduce complex organizational structures and use the unique features peculiar to your technology for the greatest possible number of markets and products. The Fraunhofer IPT supports you in designing and implementing suitable technology platforms.

Use of technology platforms

Use of technology platforms makes sense whenever technologies are used in businesses across different products and departments. This ensures that all business operations with this technology run in synch and that existing knowledge and expertise is used the best way possible.

Systematically organized technology platforms help not only discover synergies and reducing complexity, but also help focus on business operations and develop technologies relevant to the business as a whole further. Additionally, they contribute to faster amortization of investments in technological innovation.

Developing a technology platform

Working closely with you, we analyze your technology portfolio, identify relevant technology platforms and develop an individual concept for your business’s technology platform(s), which we then implement on your premises. Founded in procedures validated by us through research and practice, we decide with you the organizational procedures within your business’ platforms and launch the processes required in line with all your business groups which will have access.

Its applied research on technology management and years of consulting experience in leading technology businesses make the Fraunhofer IPT your ideal partner to support you throughout the entire process of implementing your technology platform.

Our services

  • Analyzing your technology portfolio
  • Identifying relevant technology platforms
  • Individual development of the technology platform
  • Implementing the technology platform