Corporate Venture Units

Increasing innovative strength: driving forward radical innovations

The development of pioneering innovations is often only given limited space in business operations. Established research and development is focused more on the efficient development of existing products and processes. For this reason, many companies decide to set up separate innovation units in order to tap into new fields (such as markets, technologies and business models) more rapidly and flexibly.

The challenge for companies when structuring these units is to decide which of the various forms makes the most sense for their needs. These can be corporate incubators, innovation or ideation labs, accelerator, venture clienting or intrapreneurship programs, or a corporate venture capital unit. Technology centers are also suitable for innovations in the area of production.

Exploration of product and business model innovations

A protected space is recommended for the development of new business models or digital products. Here, companies can use agile methods and flexible procurement processes to identify growth opportunities and possibilities quickly and with little effort. Companies can choose between the three strategic models "Build", "Partner" and "Buy", which need to be evaluated. It is crucial for success to achieve an appropriate decoupling without losing the connection to the parent company.

The Fraunhofer IPT has many years of experience in designing Venutre units. We are happy to support you in the design and further development of your Corporate Innovation Unit.

Exploration of technology and process innovations

In order to develop process innovations in production and industrialize them for use on series production, it is advisable to set up a technology center. These units serve as resource hubs to drive forward innovative technologies or integrate them into the company. The exact design of a technology center depends on the company's individual needs, characteristics, and goals as well as the industry focus and regional context.

The Fraunhofer IPT supports you with the individual conception of a technology center focusing on fields of activity, resource requirements, spatial concepts, and their cost determination. This is based on the insights gained from interviews, benchmark analyses, technology studies and case studies.

Our services

  • Definition of purpose, organizational and process structures, team design and other design parameters for venture units
  • Development of existing units through maturity assessments on a scientific basis to identify potential for increasing innovation performance
  • Conception and design of technology centers for company-specific requirements regarding manufacturing technology innovations
  • Interim management of corporate innovation units and piloting of initial exploration projects in new units