Automation of technological knowledge work

Automation of (technological) knowledge work encompasses knowledge integration, access and representation.

Growing amounts of information hampers identification of relevant information

Ever faster-paced technological progress requires information to be available comprehensively and conveniently. An ever-increasing flood of information does however increasingly complicate identifying relevant information at the right time. Existing information has to be interconnected to create practical knowledge.

Tailoring information to users’ needs saves time and money

Computer-based information retrieval processes allow for more efficient identification and linking of information. For this reason, automated knowledge management requires selecting the correct software tools, suitable configuration and a fundamental grasp of how to structure data. Successful knowledge management will result in staff spending less time searching for relevant information. Information also will not be lost in the event of fluctuation and for that reason will not have to be re-acquired constantly.

The Fraunhofer IPT supports you in planning, conceptualization and introduction of (partially) automated knowledge management solutions. We also actively research new approaches defined by artificial intelligence in the sense of machine learning.

Our services

  • Analysis of the status quo of your information and knowledge management structures and deriving fields of action
  • Selection of suitable software solutions for knowledge work
  • Design of continuous monitoring processes (e.g., for technology monitoring) as well as scouting assignments (e.g., to obtain specific market and technology information)