Biological Transformation

For the Fraunhofer IPT, biological transformation means systematically applying knowledge about biological processes to optimize production – in the sense of sustainable industrial value creation.

Here we see three different approaches for applying principles of biology to technical systems:

  • Imitation: As an image of nature
    Natural systems and principles for use in technical systems,
    e.g. bionics, lightweight construction, evolutionary processes
  • Cooperation: In association with nature
    Biohybrid technologies that combine technical and biotechnological systems,
    e.g. Vertical Farming, Laboratory Automation, Lab-on-a-Chip
  • Assimilation: Like a living organism
    A complete symbiosis between biotechnology and production technology,
    e.g. biocompatible implants

The latest technological developments give a boost to this new way of thinking and approach: not only can we analyze and understand biological processes and patterns better and better as a result of advances in digitisation, for example higher computing power and new algorithms. Completely new technologies and networking possibilities are also available that create the conditions for biological transformation. In the interaction of life sciences, materials and production sciences, IT and other research areas, we at the Fraunhofer IPT are working to incorporate the findings of the various disciplines into manufacturing and other important economic sectors.