Automation for large series, small series and unique pieces

Automation is standard today in series production. The aim is to make production processes more efficient, shorten throughput times and improve the quality of the products. Even in small batch and one-off production, processes can be automated to increase machine utilization and relieve employees so that they can take on more demanding tasks.

When switching to automation, manufacturing companies are firstly faced with the task of identifying their own production processes with a potential for optimization and automation. Gaining an overview of suitable, commercially available technologies and developing the appropriate integration concepts requires personnel and technical capacities. For small and medium-sized companies, this means taking a cost risk in addition to the high organizational effort. Although there is a wide range of standardized automation solutions on the market, the challenge here is also to select the right automation systems for your particular applications.

Automation solutions for production

Fraunhofer IPT supports companies in the design, selection and implementation of individually tailored automation solutions: At the beginning of an automation project, we first analyze the corporate strategy, the range of workpieces and the existing machine technology, thereby identifying which prerequisites for automation already exist in the company. Subsequently, we determine the automation potential in order to establish together with you what the optimum degree of automation of your production would be and which prerequisites would still have to be created for this.

Based on this, various automation concepts can be developed in joint workshops so that you can select the optimal concept based on the strategic target variables. Fraunhofer IPT also offers to support companies in the subsequent implementation – for example, the evaluation of concrete offers from system integrators and the subsequent implementation and start-up of the now significantly more automated production.

Our services

  • Analysis of existing processes and applied manufacturing technologies as well as seeking optimization potentials
  • Determination of the optimum future level of automation based on the requirements of the workpiece spectrum and the corporate strategy
  • Screening of market-available technologies for process optimization and automation
  • Concept development for the integration of new technologies and individual automation solutions into the existing production process
  • Creation of a project roadmap for the systematic implementation of the developed concept
  • Support in bid evaluation by determining the cost-benefit ratio
  • 3D modeling and simulation of the concepts and implementation of the automation systems

Automatically a good result – with a clear concept and expertise

Every automation project is different: A systematic approach to analysis, planning, vendor selection and implementation helps your company not to lose the red thread in the implementation of your production automation. Step by step, we guide you through the process, taking into account the individual prerequisites and requirements of products, processes, production environments and quality demands of your customers.

Potential analysis

During the potential analysis, we look at the prerequisites for automation in your company, point out what is missing and create the foundations together with you. 


Together with you, we work out which automation concepts are suitable for your company and compare alternatives for linking different manufacturing resources.

Selection and implementation

With the right concept in hand, we accompany you from the tender and selection of system suppliers to full implementation.


Individual special solutions

For demanding individual automation tasks, we develop the appropriate machines and modules with you in joint research and development projects.

Demanding automation tasks for products with future potential

To enable companies to meet the growing demands for efficiency and sustainability in equal measure, we are already developing technologies and concepts today for the automation of tomorrow's production. We show you some examples here.


Automated battery cell production

The "Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB" researches the implementation of new battery cell concepts and automates production for the European location.

Successful automation in toolmaking

Here you will find a selection of our projects for automation in one-off and small batch production for toolmaking.

Technology metals recycling

In the "MetalSens" research project, we have developed a low-dust, sensor-based process chain for the recovery of technology metals from electrical scrap.

Automate manual polishing operations

Manual finishing of high-quality surfaces is time-consuming and costly. We automate grinding and polishing processes and create scope for new products and applications.